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Founded over 10 years ago as an educational platform to help coaches and athletes, it has become one of the sport's educational leaders. Over 3 MILLION coaches and athletes have visited Digital Track and Field from across the globe, helping countless athletes. Our mission to help your athletes be more successful, we are committed to maximizing the time, and energy coaches have to spend on training, performance, and education. You will find training tips and refined techniques from elite coaches to gain a competitive edge and reach your full potential.

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My Story

Scott Cappos

I’d like to tell you a story. It’s about WHY I do what I do, and why I’d like to help YOU with your coaching.

I started my throwing career in middle school physical education class, after a few days of practice in class I hit the gym wall, so I was recruited to join the track and field team. When I entered high school, I had another physical education class with a track and field unit, this time it was in the fall: I put the shot in class but ended up the third-best thrower in the freshman class. Little did I know that once football season ended, I would meet a coach that would transform my life.


Then I hit this life-changing moment.

Coach Dunn started track and field practice when football was over and I began my journey in throwing and eventually become the best thrower in my school and went on to win the Illinois State Championship. 

Not everyone had the same athletic success I had under Coach Dunn, but everyone that stuck it out learned the value of commitment, dedication, and persistence. These were life long lessons that went beyond the field of play.

The reason I wanted to share a small part of my life story with you is so that you know how a great coach can change everything.

Coach Dunn had the knowledge and coaching skills to be successful. I want to help you develop those skills and be the transformational coach in your athlete's lives.


Fun Facts Text
  • I Threw at Indiana University

  • I Coached over 100 NCAA Finalist

  • I Authored over 100 articles and a textbook

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Why Digital Track and Field?

“I was lucky to have great track and field coaches in my life. I want to help other coaches and athletes achieve at the highest level and have a positive experience in the sport. I feel the training information provided by Digital Track and Field can help guide coaches and athletes to high-level results immediately.”

Scott Cappos

USATF Level III Coach

I've Spent the Last 30 Years Coaching at the High School and College Level

...including 25 years coaching in the Big Ten Conference. 

My athletes have won multiple national championships, competed internationally in the best meets around the world including the Olympic Games.

I have been fortunate enough to coach on several conference championship winning programs at the Division I level.

I had the privilege to coach with Team USA, assisting athletes that won 8 gold medals and 2 silver medals.

Scott Cappos, Founder
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